12 Tips to Help You Convert Website Visitors into Buyers

Getting traffic on your website is a great achievement but making those visitors your customers is also very important. If you are unable to do that, you don’t make sales, your revenue falls and you are unable to stay in business. 

To avoid that you must put effort into retaining visitors and convincing them to make purchases. To help you out, we are here with 7 simple and effective tips that can improve your conversion rate helping you convert your visitors into loyal customers.  


7 Tips to Try For Increased Conversions 

Below are 7 hacks that can help you convert your website visitors to buyers. 


  • Offer Giveaways 
  • Highlight Your USP
  • Make shopping convenient 
  • Add pop-ups
  • Offer Live Chat
  • Add reviews and testimonials
  • Allow guest shopping 


Now let’s get into the details of the above points. 

Offer Giveaways 

People are always looking for a deal and if they get freebies, that can make all the difference. Let’s take an example. Procter and Gamble is a multinational company which offers freebies at various events, and on its websites. 

If you visit their website you can sign up and get free products. They also use this strategy at events where they giveaway products by hand like Gillette, CoverGirl, Pampers, etc. 

The reason why they have been doing it for so long is that it helps them build brand awareness and a good reputation. People get to try great quality products that they later buy from the store, convinced that it’s worth the money!

You can also offer free shipping and tax exemptions to your customers to drive conversions. To offer free shipping and tax exemptions, you can use plugins on your website like the Prestashop tax exempt module, WooCommerce tax-exempt plugin, WooCommerce Free shipping, etc. The choice of the plugin will depend on the platform you are using for the e-store.  

With a plugin, you can automatically tax-exempt or offer free shipping to certain customers or groups of customers. 

Highlight Your USP

When a user opens the internet, he is flooded with options, offers, and great services. As he scrolls down websites, what catches his attention is the unique selling point or (USP) of a brand. The USP is what makes the brand stand out from other brands. That is what you should work on to attract visitors and to make them purchase from your store. 

Your unique selling point could be any special service that no one else has or you may solve a problem.

Let’s take an example. If you sell vegan leather, people would be attracted to your brand more than a regular brand as you are supporting a cause.  

Whatever you choose as your USP make sure it’s conveyed properly. Add your USP on product pages, the home page, and make sure to place it on your marketing copies so you can drive people to your website. 

Make shopping convenient 

Your website is a portal through which customers get to know your brand, your services, products, and your vision. If the customer finds it hard to navigate through the site he will bounce back, pretty quickly. 

According to Portent, when a visitor opens a website, the first 5 seconds of his stay are crucial. If the website loads slowly the visitor won’t wait for long. Another thing is search results. If a customer is searching for a product and is unable to apply filters he can lose interest due to frustration. 

Therefore make sure that your website works fast, is easy to navigate, and allows users to apply filters to find exactly what they need. The easier your website is for the customer to use, the better! 

Add pop-ups

When you open up a website you must have seen a small window pop up on the screen. That is what we call a pop-up. It usually has a special offer, service, or an announcement that can grab customer attention.  

According to venture harbor, conversions can increase from 5-10% if an exit pop-up is used properly. Thus, you should add exit and entry pop-ups as needed to let the customer know of any discounts, freebies, or new arrivals at your store. 

Many companies use FOMO (fear of missing out) to attract buyers. The use of phrases in the CTAs like “Only 3 days left before a sale ends”, “Only 2 items left”, ” Sale ends in 24 hours” etc. make the customer feel like he is going to miss out on a great deal if he doesn’t act fast. You can use these CTAs with pop-ups to grab customer attention. 

Offer Live Chat 

Adding a live chat feature on your website can help you answer customer questions and help them make better shopping decisions. Imagine if your customer is confused about the size chart. If you offer live chat, the customer can ask you questions about what size might be the best match for him and you can help him out with the best recommendations. 

On the other hand, if he doesn’t find any assistance on the website. He may leave considering the purchase to be too risky or not worth it. Therefore, make sure you help the customer out as much as possible and are available for queries anytime. 

Neil Patel (a popular marketing and SEO professional) was able to increase the conversion rate for a client’s website by up to 45% with live chats. That’s how powerful this small step can be! 

Add reviews and testimonials

Many people nowadays read reviews before making a purchase. With so many brands and options out there, the risks and chances of fraud increase. Therefore many people check reviews, ratings, and testimonials before making a purchase.  

According to Bigcommerce, conversions can increase up to 58% due to positive customer reviews. That means that if customers see positive reviews about your products and brand they are more likely to trust you. 

So make sure you place testimonials on your websites, share them on social media and encourage people to add reviews so you have a large number of supporters on your side.

Allow guest shopping 

We all know how boring signing in can be. When someone is trying to buy a product and the website asks to sign up first, one might choose to leave if he is in a hurry! Thus allowing users to shop without signing in and buying as a guest can help them save time and can help you raise conversions. 

According to Neil Patel, 23% of shoppers will abandon their carts if they have to sign up and make a new account.

Therefore by allowing guest shopping you are making it easier for the customer to shop. That ease will make them inclined towards your brand in the future as well. Plus you have nothing to lose as customers add their information as they add payment details. 


In this article, we went through 7 tips to convert visitors to customers. Our first tip for you is to add freebies, free shipping or tax exemptions to your site. People love to get free items and it makes your brand more desirable. 

The 2nd thing is to highlight your unique selling point to stand out. You should also focus on making the shopping experience easier through filters and guest shopping options. 

To assist the customer you can add live chat and pop-ups to let the customer know of great deals and discounts. Lastly, you should add reviews and testimonials to win customer trust. 

The above tips are very basic and simple but they can have a profound effect on your brand. We recommend you dive deeper into these tips and research more on the topic to see what works for your brand! 

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