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5 Common Landing Page Web Design Mistakes Killing Your Conversions

All landing page web designs have the same objective: increasing conversions and directing more leads into the sales funnel. With the help of this list, you can quickly make modifications to your landing page and guarantee that your user will enjoy the greatest possible experience. Even though your landing page may not have any of these errors, your conversion rates may still be low since you may not be adhering to some best practices for boosting conversions.

Unlike home pages, landing pages frequently require users to create an account to view them. They also typically include less content and only one call-to-action. But are they required? Yes, indeed! Landing pages can enhance conversion rates by up to 300 percent when used correctly. 

Landing pages should be designed with careful planning and consideration for the user’s needs. Poor design can lead to a confusing or overwhelming visitor experience, leading to lower conversions. Creating a landing page tailored to your target audience is key to success. Use clear and concise call-to-action buttons and messaging to help drive visitor engagement and conversion.

The demands of the user should be carefully considered while designing landing pages. Lower conversions might result from a confused or overwhelming visitor experience caused by poor web design. The secret to success is building a landing page that is customized for your target market. To encourage visitor engagement and conversion, use call-to-action buttons and text that are clear and succinct.

Despite how straightforward they are, they might lower them if utilized improperly. What exactly do we mean in this article by “major mistakes”? We’ll elaborate.

web design
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Common landing page website design optimization mistakes: 

Some common critical errors can determine whether a firm will succeed or fail. In other words, these factors may help or interfere with your potential to increase the number of sales your website generates. Like anything else, marketers make several typical errors when creating landing pages that may be ruining their conversion rates. 

We’ve outlined five major landing page mistakes that can kill your conversions. Now let’s have a look!

1). Slow landing page:

Your landing page’s load speed is critical because it directly affects its conversion rates. If visitors leave before the landing page has finished loading, all your efforts to design conversion-focused landing pages will be in vain. Many brands lag as consumer expectations for loading speeds rise as the web design gets more sophisticated. Most landing sites lose more than 50% of their visitors when they take longer than 2 to 3 seconds to load. Avoid falling into this category. A good company with web design services can help you avoid this mistake.

2). Irrelevant content: 

The main problem can be the too much irrelevant content on your landing page which can distract your viewers from your site mission. Always add relevant material related to your services and make it clear for your visitors to understand. Make sure you send traffic to material specifically curated to the reader’s interests if you want your content landing pages to convert at a greater conversion rate.

3). Poor mobile experience:

The majority of businesses continue to design and develop websites for PCs. Not all mobile experiences look nice, despite many hosting services like WordPress automatically building material optimized for mobile viewing from the desktop view. You will exclude more than half of your site traffic if your landing page is difficult to browse on a smartphone.

4). Not adding visuals on the landing page web design:

If your landing page has content, you should add captivating visuals and text to make it more appealing.  It would help if you didn’t have too much text on a landing page in addition to using too much language. With websites like YouTube and Instagram encouraging us to watch instead of reading, the internet is becoming more visually appealing. Consider including attractive images and videos on your landing pages to enhance conversions and client attention. You can expand conversions by 33% by including a video on its primary landing page. Observe how customers react to stock photos versus product photos or lifestyle shots to increase conversions. It will help you take your visual content to the next level. 

5). Unclear/excessive call-to-action buttons:

What specific actions do you want site visitors to do after arriving at your landing page? Do you want them to get a quote? Call for more information? Check out services? A clear call to action that explains what to do and how to do it should be used to guide website visitors toward conversion. A clear call to action is absent from nearly 75% of websites for small businesses.

Landing pages are one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy, and you should ensure that you’re creating high-quality pages that convert visitors into leads and customers. Having a cluttered or confusing landing page can kill your conversion rates. With the aid of web design services, you can improve landing page mistakes and ensure that all of your text is easy to read and that your design is simple and organized. Another common mistake is including too much information on your landing page. Make sure to include a clear call to action, contact information, and a way for visitors to learn more about your company or product. Failing to test your landing pages can also hurt your conversion rates. Always test different versions of your page to see which performs best.


In conclusion, avoid making the common mistakes outlined in this article if you want to improve your website’s conversion rate. Use effective design principles, make your content readable, and test different versions of your landing pages to see what works best. And most importantly, always be prepared to make changes based on the results of your tests. Many common landing page mistakes can kill your conversion rates. Avoid making these mistakes, and you’ll be on your way to higher conversion rates.

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