5 Problems Everyone Has With Wedding Invites- How To Solve Them

Without a proper wedding invitation, simply telling your friends and family that you are getting married is not sufficient. It’s also difficult to create one for the first time without making any mistakes. You and your spouse might be unsure of all the information a wedding invitation needs to provide. The color, copy, typefaces, and other elements can then be confusing to you. The list goes on and on. However, let’s be extremely clear about a few points about a wedding invitation. First of all, as it is “The Wedding Invitation,” it must include all pertinent information regarding your wedding, including the theme, ceremonies, location, and contact information. So be careful not to make a mistake.


Starting The Process Close To The Wedding Date

You are undoubtedly making a mistake if you plan to visit your wedding invitation designer 15 days before your big day. The terrible consequences of your choice are beyond your capacity to comprehend. The process of sending out wedding invitations must begin at least 6 to 8 months beforehand, with the preparation and finalization of the guest list. You can send your wedding guests an informal communication like a save-the-date during this time. Wedding invitations should ideally be decided upon and ordered four months before the wedding.


The design, the type of paper you choose, the color scheme, the typeface, and everything else can then be considered. You should be aware of this procedure because it takes the invitation designers 4 to 5 weeks to complete the designs and print the invites. The invitations must be sent out at least four to five weeks in advance. Send out wedding cards at least six to eight weeks in advance. Therefore, you can start sending out wedding invitations when there are two months until the wedding day.


Not Ordering A Sample

Even your family is eager to see how the wedding invitations turned out, not just you. However, before placing an order for the complete batch of wedding invitations, be sure to request a sample from the designer. A sample becomes crucial since it enables you to verify the paper quality, colors, and fonts that you want. There is a good chance that you will receive a different design from the one you selected. Additionally, you must order some complimentary samples, particularly if your wedding has a theme.


Not Printing Extra Copies

Couples frequently neglect to print extra wedding invites, which is another typical error. Before beginning the invitation process, carefully plan your wedding guest list. Make a list first, then place your order. We advise against ordering too many wedding invitations but do keep a few extra. To account for last-minute additions, lost invitations, and mementos, you can purchase at least 25% more invitations.


Not Proofreading

Every couple makes this frequent error eventually and regrets it. They occasionally even have to deal with embarrassment when friends or family point out trivial errors. Before submitting it for printing, ask your close family members and grammatical Nazi friends to read your wedding invitation aloud several times.


Not Including The Exact Time 

Many individuals simply write an approximation of the time on the wedding card. However, let us stress that time is crucial. So that they can estimate when they will arrive at the place. The approximate times frequently don’t work out, especially in Indian weddings where there are lengthy wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Giving your guests precise times will enable them to arrange their arrival at the location. Additionally, a location may occasionally host two separate family ceremonies simultaneously. Therefore, provide them the precise times to avoid any confusion on the part of your wedding guests.


We don’t want you to overlook these errors, even though they may appear minor. Before you begin the process of creating wedding invitations, have this little checklist handy.


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