7 Wonderful Ways of Meditation for Student Life

7 Wonderful Ways of Meditation for Student Life

Student Life – The practice of meditation was passed for thousand decades back in China in 653. Since then, mediation has been one of the most proven healing powers to benefit human health. Historical evidence, books, literature, and archaeological witnesses have proven the cultural and religious beliefs of mediation.

In the 18th century, the ancient teachings of meditation began to become more popular among Western cultures.

Today, even doctors suggest meditating 15 minutes a day! Why so?

Proven benefits of meditation have targeted eradicating stress, body pains, depression, and so much more. In addition, meditation can help you stay calm through your day and help you manage symptoms of certain medical conditions.

Meditation is a healing agent even for students. You will be surprised to know that most schools teach the curriculum of meditation to increase the level of patience and understanding. In addition, students have reported using their mediation skills to resolve disputes at home with their siblings and in their community with peers.

Meanwhile, here are proven seven different kinds of meditations that can energize your brain and learn better –

Tai Chi

This meditation in Chinese means ‘Grand Ultimate’. The benefits of this meditation will bring the mind and body together. Students can try this method for the alignment of their inner energy through the mind to the soul. It resembles ‘slow dancing movements’ and has been practiced from ancient times to increase brain capacity.

It’s time that you take a break from your regular assignment work and edit critical Oxford referencing. Plan a routine to include ‘Tai Chi’ as a part of your immune booster.


The common factor between Tai Chi and Qigong is that they both are ‘moving meditations’ that follow rhythmic patterns to concentrate on the center of the mind. The method of Qigong involves a practice that is an equal combination of meditation and low-impact exercises.

The power of Qigong can lessen stress and anxiety. It also has proven benefits of improving blood flow and increasing energy. It is good practice for the menstrual cycle as well.

Even studies have proven it as an effective therapy for overcoming substance abuse, especially for women.

Standing Meditation

While most of you are sitting in front of your computer for a longer time, your back might be getting affected parallelly. Stressing out for assignments and searching rate my paper is constant pressure. But you can always get detoxed by sparing a few moments to practice ‘Standing Meditation’.

This is one of the best methods where you need to stand! It’s that simple. Keep your feet forward, and your arms and legs should all be firm. You may take a comfortable place to do so. Ten minutes of this mediation can work as a full-body scan!

Walking Meditation

Take a break from your regular couch. Look for a safer and cleaner open space where you can walk freely. In this method, all you have to do is take continuous walks at a slower pace. Keep aware of the correct posture, just like you sit straight. Keep taking deep breaths and release.

Regular coursework is exhaustion when tasks make you look for tools like ‘edit my paper’. Meditation like ‘Walking Meditation’ can give you that energy booster to rejoice in your time and bring back the lively mood.

Hand Movement Meditation

Can you challenge yourself to sit still for a longer time? Relax, for meditation is not that rigid to stay without moving. Try the method of ‘hand movement meditation’ to relax your body pain and release muscle stress.

Gazing Meditation

It is a unique way of concentrating your mind. Look for a space where you can spend a peaceful time for about 15 minutes at least. All you need is to stare at your ceiling, wide-open sky. Indoors, you can concentrate by watching a candle.

The method, also known as ‘Trataka’, can benefit your eyesight, headaches as well as benefit your mental health.

Breathing Meditation

Alternatively known as ‘Pranayam’, in this stance, you chant the magical word ‘Om’ from the most inner breath you can. Often done in the session, before the beginning of yoga postures. Breathing Meditation relaxes your body and exfoliates your mind.

Benefiting the respiratory system as well, in this method, you need to inhale and exhale properly and take long breaths. You can always do this meditation anytime, anywhere!

Some schools even arrange a morning meditation session before the class begins to energize the student’s mind.

As we have come to the end of our seven healing agents, it is important to note that your body will respond according to your daily activities. So, it is your responsibility to keep yourself healthy.

Mental Hygiene for Better Learning

Along with meditation, you must make a balance for your mental health. Even if you’re stuck with loads of assignments, you need to create a space of your own.

This includes – Art Therapy, Gardening, Cooking, Writing, etc. Do whatever feels good to relax your mind.

The regular work-life detritus the energy to learn more.

So, you need to work on your good habits and motivate yourself cause no one will!

The next time when you see yourself stressing out because of study pressure, press that ‘relax button’ and enjoy a break for mediation.

It will make a change in your life and shower the wellness of staying fit physically and mentally. Use these seven magic movements today!

Author Bio – Alley John has a PhD in Physical Education and is a student’s counsellor hailing from the USA. He is also associated with the academic help site MyAssignmenthelp.com where he offers assignment help to students pursuing physical Education and Medical Science. In addition, Alley likes to volunteer at animal shelters and do yoga in his free time.

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