Chicago vs Washington DC: Which City is Less Expensive for Students?

Living in the USA is a dream for many people and it remains a dream for some people because of many reasons including finance, business, etc. therefore, it is important to choose a city where people can afford and can live their life peacefully.

Many people can’t turn this dream into reality just because of financial issues. Therefore, they should first try to settle in a very small town that can help them to be stable to live in the US. Most people dream to live in Washington and Chicago, especially students because of their living style, but could not choose one of them. However, there are some things that are pretty common in both, but there are many things that are totally different in both cities.

Keeping all those things in mind, you can choose any one of them easily. Therefore, have a look below to get the information that makes both cities different from each other.

Washington vs Chicago

Here is the most important information about both cities that should keep in mind while choosing any one of them.

Washington vs Chicago: transport

According to the 2020 census, the population of Washington DC IS 689,545 which makes it the 20th most populated city in the US, while Chicago had 2,746,388, the third most populated city in the US.

According to the population, Chicago is considered the most traffic city. However, both cities have pretty well mode of public transport, but in Chicago, there is more use of private vehicles that also create much traffic in the city.

Washington vs Chicago: cost of living

However, the cost of living depends upon an individual and how he/she is going to live because more comfort means more expense. On average, both cities have their own expenses such as Washington is 42.3% more expensive than Chicago.

  • Housing costs in Washington are 143% more expensive than Chicago housing costs.
  • On the other hand, Washington is cheaper in the health sector. Its expenses are 2.2% less than in Chicago.
  • In terms of rent prices, Chicago is 26.10% lower than Washington DC.
  • While in terms of groceries, Chicago is 19.93% lower than Washington DC.

Washington vs Chicago: Crime rate

This is the main factor that students have to keep in mind when choosing any city for study. Even though, every parent will first consider the city having less crime rate.

This could be the reason that most students or parents might prefer Washington DC because the crime rate in Chicago is higher than the Washington DC. Basically, the crime rate in Chicago is 78.55 while Washington has 69.16.


Washington vs Chicago: Climate

Each year, Washington has an average of 203 sunny days. Each year, the city of Chicago receives an average of 189 sunny days. Even, the city of Chicago has already been hit by a series of catastrophic heat waves, with one in 1995 resulting in over 800 deaths (Hayhoe, Katharine, et al, 2010).

Washington, District of Columbia receives 43.3 inches of rain per year on average. Chicago, Illinois receives 38.2 inches of rain on average per year. In the United States, the average annual rainfall is 38.1 inches.
Washington receives an average of 13.7 inches of snow per year. In Chicago, the average annual snowfall is 35.1 inches. In the United States, the average yearly snowfall is 27.8 inches.
Washington vs Chicago: educational standards

Washington and Chicago both have many educational institutes. Although, there are some institutes that are ranked top in the world.

Most of the students want to study in Chicago because Chicago has many universities that are ranked top as compared to Washington. As a university of Chicago, it has a very high alumni rate and a lower admission rate. Highly experienced researchers, provide different kinds of opportunities to the students regarding on and off academics. Even here teachers recommend students to avail online services such as Essay Writing Service in Chicago, assignment writing services and so on because these services don’t only complete the tasks but also enhance the skills.

Well, it doesn’t mean students don’t want to study in Washington. Washington is also full of top-ranked universities that provide many facilities to the students. The University of Washington offers a variety of academic business development and growth programmes that are continuing (ER, 2022). Even, here teachers provide many facilities including the availing of such online services as Essay Writing Service in Washington DC, assignment writing service, etc.

Washington vs Chicago: employment ratio

Have you ever seen students choosing the best university no matter how much expensive it is? Well, there are many students who want to graduate from a top university no matter how much money they have to pay to graduate from such a university.

The reason behind choosing such top universities is that students get employed easily in the future. Even, this is the reason most students choose to study in Chicago over Washington because Chicago universities are top-ranked as compared to Washington.

However, both cities have good employment rates. Even Washington gained 178,100 jobs from Dec 2020- to December 2021. Private sectors rose by 5.9% and public sectors rose by 3.4%. on the other hand, Chicago has added 29,600 jobs or 80% of the metropolitan area’s employment gain in the industry.


Washington vs Chicago: tuition fees

For the year 2021-2022, the average tuition fees for colleges in Chicago is $6,822 for in-state and $21,274 for out-of-state. On the other hand, In Washington, the average tuition is $5,672 for in-state students and $17,303 for out-of-state students.

It shows that the amount of Chicago is higher than the national average and the amount of Washington is lower than the national average. In-state students will pay $6,617 in 2022, while out-of-state students will pay $18,047.

Final thoughts

Both cities have a glitzy and glistening aspect. They’re both entertainment hotspots on a global scale. They’re both well-known for their high prices and have appeared in a number of films. Both are known for being places where anything could happen.

Along with the similarities between both cities, there are also some differences that make both cities totally different from each other. These similarities and dissimilarities you will get after reading this article and will help you to decide which city is better for you.

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