Decorate Your Living Room With A Kashan Rug

Kahan rugs are named after the small, north-central city of Iran. They are crafted in the traditional workshops within the city of Kashan and are knotted by the most expert weavers. It is also believed that the most collectable and demanded silk rugs are developed in the region of Kashan. 

These finely weaved, decorative carpets are great for homes and offices. They are developed to serve as vintage and antique adorning pieces in your living room or guest room space. 

If you are looking to add a Kashan rug to your home, do not wait further to make the purchase. You are sure to thank yourself for making the decision once you see how aesthetic and durable they are. You can now buy a Kashan rug in Australia online to design your home and add a hint of beauty to your interiors.

Why Get A Kashan Rug

There are multiple benefits that a traditional Kashan rug provides over other machine-made rug types. Here, we have listed down some characteristics of a Kashan rug that will compel you to get one for your home. 

Natural Production:

The organic rug is made of natural fibres derived from animals. As the fibres are pure and free from toxins, it is safe for use. Your family will not be exposed to health risks such as allergies or skin reactions if you have a Kashan rug in your home. 

The lustrous and soft-to-the-touch wool and silk rugs are made with the finest quality of the material. The wool is extracted from lambs that graze around the mountains of northern Iran. It is sourced from the underbelly of goats and sheep, as this is where the densest and most collectable wool is present.

Impeccable Designs:

The patterns and designs you’ll find in a Kashan rug are unmatchable to any other. Most of them are characterized by intricate floral central medallions with spandrels. There are also other variations with open field flowing and medallion designs. You can choose the one that sits well with the theme of the space you’re placing it in. 

They are woven by excellent artisans that mostly go for a red central field with a navy blue border. They are also available in soft green fields, featuring blue and brown highlights. The latter is the most ideal colour palette for Australian homes and decors.


Unlike area rugs or hallway rugs that are specifically designed for a particular space, a Kashan rug can be placed wherever you want. Whether you need to introduce some colour in your bedroom or add a decorating element under the coffee table in your living room, a Kashan rug is ideal. 

It offers great versatility, so you can have the option to choose where you want to keep it. Even if you want to incorporate this traditional carpet into your hallway, you just need to make it fit the dimensions and the style will adjust itself into the area. 

Adds A Touch Of Colour To Any Room:

The colourful patterns and side ruffles in this rug compliment the furnishing and colour tones of every room. The designs are diverse and adaptable to any space. You can either place it in a formal themed room or a more casual space like the lounge to allow some style into it. It goes great with almost all textures and shades, which is why its placement is quite easy. 

So here is how a Kashan rug can be beneficial if placed in your home. This handmade rug is a work of art, that highlights the capabilities of its weaver. If you are looking for Kashan rug on sale so you can incorporate it in your home, get in touch with Rugs Online. We are a popular rugs’ retailer in Australia that offers quality products at affordable rates. 

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