How Does Education Technology Increase Student Engagement

Advancement in technology showcases how humans are prospering as a society. This prosperity has a strong impact on every sector of society such as business and education. 

Educational technology has helped students a lot throughout the years, in multiple ways. In this post you will specifically read about how educational technology increase student engagement making helping them achieve better grades:

Ways Education Technology Increases Student Engagement

Encourages Personalized Learning: 

Every student requires support to the point he/she learns to manage the task without any support to master the subject content. This can only be achieved through technology. When educators focus on implementing learning stations using iPads or laptops in their lessons they have already taken the initiative to increase students’ engagement. 

The use of technology makes it easier to make notes this way they can focus more on engaging with the content which is something they can not do when writing notes on a pen and paper. This is because writing notes the traditional way takes too much mind power and the students can not focus properly on the lecture.

Other than that, at times students fail to comprehend everything aid in the lectures. They are unable to catch up with what the professor is saying and lose concentration because of distractions in the environment or within themselves. 

More than often the classrooms are quite large and are filled with numerous students. This is why the professor can not focus on every student to make them engage more with the lecture. If students want to engage more but are unable to then they can take help from crowdsourcing tutoring from their seniors and professionals. So the next time they sit in the lecture they will better understand the content being explained.

Education Technology also fills the gaps in subject areas where a teacher does not have enough experience or expertise. This helps to train teachers when there is a lack of talent in the market.  This increases the number of high-quality teachers and thanks to their advanced teaching methods students become more engaged in their education.

Allows Them To Learn At A Better Pace:

Each student has a distinctive way of learning. You can not improve students’ engagement if you choose a one-size-fits-all approach. For a professor, it is impossible to integrate every present learning style into their lectures as well as make sure that they are keeping up with the pace of each student.

Your professor has to engage with the fast learners but does not have an option to leave out the slow learners behind. As more and more students join the course it becomes increasingly problematic to come up with a learning style that caters to the pace of every student.

Not all students are inherently slow or fast learners, it has a lot to do with their external environment. Most students are working part-time jobs, managing their studies all while becoming newly independent individuals. It messes up their schedules and causes them to become slow learners. They need their lectures to be recorded which they can listen to once they are free. It is now possible thanks to the current technology.

Microsoft Teams:

Professors can record their lectures and upload them to software programs like Microsoft Teams. These lectures stay uploaded for 12 hours and students have full access to them. In addition to this, students can also submit their assignments on Microsoft teams and get feedback for their teachers. This is an effective way to keep the students engaged in a hybrid setting.

You can also get AI-based individualized programs that allow students to set a perfect pace and move at their own speed. Every student has a different maturity level and attention span that needs to be catered to. Through the use of an individualized program, all students become capable of studying better at a comfortable rate. It is not overwhelming or frustrating anymore and therefore their engagement improves.

Provides Academic Help:

Your laptops, desktops, and your phones, whoever device can help you with education are considered education technology. Going by this logic if you need to use an Oscola referencing generator or a dissertation topic generator, you can search it up on google and save a lot of time by using these tools. Are you wondering what to add to your dissertation introduction? (Ukassignmenthelp, 2021) What should the perfect methodology be? Seeking academic help is the way to go. 

You can also connect with an academic consultant, assignment writers, and professional tutors very easily through the use of technology. Students worldwide have are capable of getting help AT ANY GIVEN TIME all they need is an internet connection. By making academic help more accessible technology has improved students’ engagement over time and a large number of students are doing better in their studies, making a better future for themselves.

Best Educational Apps 

Apps that you use on your phones are one of the most common ways of learning (Ayub et al., 2017). The device is always in your hand so you can get access to these learning apps anytime. These days you can also get these applications on your laptop. To find out what these apps are keep on reading:


Through this app, users can upload their class study materials, make electronic flashcards, and share them with others. Students can also take quizzes on the app.


This app uses your smartphone’s camera and scans any book’s barcode to generate citations formatted in MLA, Howard, Chicago, or any other existing citation styles


Now that you know how education technology increases student engagement, use this knowledge to benefit yourself.

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