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How important is a good couple life? Where to seek help from?

Having a good sex life is essential, and it ensures happiness and prosperity. At the time of orgasm, our mind releases a certain kind of chemical which triggers pleasure. Hence, it reduces stress and anxiety or overcomes any other mental health problem. And when you are mentally stable, then it also impacts your physical health in a positive way. But some people realize that their sex life is over or less pleasurable than it used to be. Those people should seek help from a well-known Sexologist in Ludhiana.

Usually, mental health problems are a cause of a lack of desire to have sex. But in some cases, it is also due to reproductive organ disorders such as Erectile dysfunction. This disorder is common in men aged between 40 and 70. At this age, our hormones might not work properly. Men feel embarrassed when they discover that they have Erectile dysfunction. But do not worry, as effective Erectile dysfunction Treatment in Ludhiana is available.

Causes Of Lack Of Sex:

  • Relationship problems are also a possible cause of not having a good sexual life. When couples do not get along well over any discussion, then it creates problems between them.
  • Mental problems such as stress and anxiety also cause a lack of desire to have sex. Overwork or relationships and financial difficulties cause stress and anxiety. Some people do not even discuss their problems with anyone, which worsens their condition.
  • If a person’s reproductive system does not work properly, then they might not enjoy their sex life or even have sex. Reproductive system disorders such as vaginal dryness, or erectile dysfunction.
  • Most women do not prefer or cannot have sex during pregnancy. It might not be suitable for women’s health if they have.
  • Lack of time. If any person has a very busy schedule for a long time or is not present with their partner for a long time, then they barely can get time for sex or even chat.

How can a sexologist help you?

  • The sexologist will ask about your mental and physical well-being. And provide their treatments accordingly.
  • If any man has erectile dysfunction, then it is possible to cure it if you seek help from a sexologist.
  • The sexologist will prescribe medicines based on Ayurveda. It usually contains vitamin, herb, and mineral supplements. These supplements will improve blood circulation in your reproductive system.

Well, in any case of sexual problems, it would help if you seek help from a sexologist. Many couples hesitate to discuss their situation with anyone due to embarrassment. But a discussion with a professional will not make you feel embarrassed. If you do not seek professional help and continue to suffer from this problem, then at one point in your life, you might face severe mental health problems. If you have no idea which sexologist is good for help, then consider getting help from Sanjiwani Health Centre. They provide excellent and effective consultation.

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