How to Grow Your Law Firm

Being a great lawyer is not enough to grow your law firm. You should have growth strategies and digital marketing skills to grow your firm in this age. Read on to learn how to grow your law firm.

Operating a law firm is not an easy task; it requires different skills such as decision-making and time management to manage your time efficiently and prioritize tasks based on their importance. Being a lawyer is a competitive job, and all lawyers look for ways to be more profitable and productive. Sorting out the balance between law practice and other administrative needs of the law firm is challenging. It is more challenging for those who want to grow their law firm. In order to grow your law firm, it is important to define the goal and objectives that you want to achieve.

Growth can be different for different lawyers; for some, it means more clients, and for others, it means few clients but bigger cases. It can also mean increasing the investment in different areas or reducing the law firm’s expenses. Once you have settled on the growth parameter, the next stage is to determine which procedure or strategy will help you achieve your target. This blog will give you a few suggestions on how to grow your law firm.

Ø  Create efficient system

Lawyers understand the significance of documentation regarding their legal cases. However, they do not keep a record of their interior business practice. Instructions for frequently repetitive tasks should be simple and accessible to everybody on the staff, such as reaching clients, recording documents, scheduling meetings and singing in new visitors. Create strategies for these assignments to eliminate friction and do work quickly and without any problem.

Written strategies will additionally empower your law firm to work without errors when you are not present at the firm. Improve every one of your techniques before you attempt to grow your law firm. Accomplish the following things.

v  Free up the assets you want for growth by saving your time on small tasks. And use that time for the most important tasks.

v  Guarantee that you have a strong strategic establishment because your job will get more complicated with your firm’s growth.

v  Make an effective approach to hiring potential employees for different jobs. It will give you a clear idea of what to expect from whom.

v  Make a simple way to train new employees and provide guidelines for their tasks.


Ø  Start delegating for different tasks

According to new research about the law firm, the experts showed concern about the law firm that lawyers invest a lot of energy on controlling cost, administrative tasks, and staying updated with the technology, which leads to a lack of business efficiency. If the development is the objective of your law firm, then lawyers should prioritize the tasks that can generate more revenue. It generally implies that they can not deal with all the tasks of the law firm. Delegation can help in this process.

Delegation can be quite difficult for lawyers. Make sure to clear the following doubts before delegating.

v  Can others provide satisfactory work?

Most attorneys think they can do the specific tasks, or nobody can do the perfect job. But it is not about who can perfect work rather who can provide satisfactory work.

v  Who is better qualified for the job?

When delegating someone, it is important to keep the nature of the work. There might be another person more experienced than you who can perform the job more productively.

v  What are the expenses of someone else doing the work?

Contemplate what amount of time work will require, how much it will cost for your law firm and the income you generate. After considering all this, then settle on delegation.

v  Are you ready to delegate the work?

As a lawyer, it is your moral commitment to oversee the work done by others. Many attorneys fear the delegation because they dread that something will be missed from work or not be good enough.

After deciding on delegation, here are the few work areas where lawyers can delegate and free up their time to invest in more productive work.

v  Customer service

The customer service team is an important part of the law firm. They handle all the inquiries related to clients, like inquiries about the timeline and dates and status of their cases. Employing the committed customer service team to deal with these requests saves legal counsellors time to handle the more important work.

v  Accounting

Many lawyers outsource for the accounting of their law firms. But the lawyers can also delegate for the different accounting tasks. Such as bill collection, invoicing and assigning the task of payroll to devoted experts.

v  Visitor management

With the growth of your law firm, the job of your front desk staff is going to increase. Your front desk staff must look after other tasks, such as administration or office management tasks. Delegate the visitor management software, and it will help your staff check clients efficiently and rapidly.

Ø  Time to hire staff

If you are thinking about hiring full-time employees for your law firm, consider whether the work can be outsourced and assigned to a third-party project worker. And considering your main focus is on the growth of your law firm, then choose the flexible option which many lawyers choose, which is to hire freelance lawyers. It is a more reliable and cost-effective option than hiring a full-time employee.

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