How To Maximize OTA Hotel Bookings

Think of how to maximize OTA hotel bookings? Well, OTA management is tricky but if you have the right management plan, maximizing OTA bookings becomes easier. The main challenge of increasing OTA bookings is to put forward your strengths and ensuring your competitors are; not offering the same. You need the best hotel suppliers such as DZEE Textiles to provide you with leading hotel towels USA has along with other hotel supplies; that your guests will have a positive impact of when they use it. Plus, to showcase your hotel as the best host amongst the many other options, you need the right strategy in place.

1.     Maximize Your OTA Platform Distribution

You want your potential guests to remember you exist; maximize your visibility by registering on multiple OTA platforms.

Your OTA hotel management plan to maximize hotel bookings shouldn’t be dependent on a single platform. You need to distribute the number of platforms you have listed your hotel on. Each platform has its strengths and helps it easier for travelers; comparing platforms to remember you, when they see you everywhere.

2.     OTA Management PMS System

Why go through the trouble of managing your platforms one at a time, when you can make multiple changes from a single point.

A Property Management System (PMS) is a software that allows you to access all the different platforms from a single access point. This saves you the time to individually log into every platform and make changes. On a PMS system, A single change will reflect at all platforms; which would save you a lot of trouble and the chances of missing out on making changes to a platform.

3.     High-Res Visual Tour of Your Hotel

The first visual interaction of your hotel is through online images, you want your guests to feel invited.

When it comes to how to maximize OTA hotel bookings, remember, travelers who have not visited you before will make a booking based on what they see. That’s why, OTA hotel management is supposed to include aesthetic hotel images which are high-resolution and seem inviting to them. As a part of your OTA management, first take pictures of your hotel and share them everywhere for your guests.

4.     List Down All Your Strengths

Your guests are always looking for that one point which sets you apart from the competitors; make sure you list down everything you have to offer them.

OTA Management plan should revolve around letting your guests know why you are the best choice for them. There are thousands of hotels competing for bookings on a single platform. Guests are looking for a hotel that offers them maximum facilities with the lowest price. That is why, you need to keep a check on what your competitors are offering; and then make your offer to them.

5.     OTA Hotel Management Rates

The price point at which the room and facilities are being offered are the main decision makers for guests; you need to take that into consideration.

OTA hotel management is related to the rates you offer to guests in relation to the facilities you have to offer. If guests find you having the lower price for the facilities they need, they will choose your hotel over the competitors. Increasing bookings through OTA management needs to take your profit margin and competitor pricing into consideration.


Learning how to maximize OTA hotel bookings is essential to maximize profits for your hotel. The right OTA hotel management strategy needs the right planning. What is your understanding of OTA management to maximize hotel bookings? Let us know in the comments below.


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