In which ways can you clean your messy and lousy smell carpet?

Carpets are a beautiful asset of your house that you place in your drawing room, stairs, bedrooms, etcetera. These assets enhance the beauty of your home but have you ever thought about its cleaning to retain it in good condition as a new one? Carpets are made of soft, warm, and colorful fabric. So, washing them badly or in the wrong detergent can damage them. As these are not very cheap that you can buy them every time. Therefore, opt for Carpet Cleaning in Abbotsford to turn your dirty and lousy smell carpet into a new one.

Different types of carpet cleaning

Carpets are thick, rectangular-shaped pieces of cloth used to cover the floor surface. These are present in numerous categories such as wool carpets, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and synthetic materials carpets. Following are the kinds of carpet cleaning:


Bonnet Cleaning: Bonnet cleaning is best to make your carpet dust and debris accessible. It uses a motorized machine spinning pads that absorb dust from the surface of the carpet and make it dirt free. This is famous in hotels, high-traffic areas, and other big apartments due to its quick-fix solution, so guests can not face any inconvenience. Although it offers quick results, it only cleans the carpet from the front side.


Hot water extraction cleaning: Some people also call it steam carpet cleaning. During this cleaning process, a professional carpet cleaner uses high-pressure hot water to alleviate the dust from its fiber. Hot water extraction is the best way to eradicate stubborn dirt from the carpet fabric that is not going out with a simple water wash. They use relevant detergent to rinse stubborn spots from the carpet. After washing, they dry it with a squeegee and thoroughly leave it to dry under the air conditioner temperature.


Dry carpet cleaning: It is also famous for compound cleaning. It is the best carpet cleaning method and has rapidly become popular among people due to its quick and exceptional results. Professional cleaners use motorized counter-rotating brush machines to eliminate the dust from the carpet. This machine removes dirt particles from the deepest parts of the rug. Cleaning compound forms with the biodegradable material that works like a micro-sponge and fully absorbs dissolved dirt in the carpet. Dry carpet cleaning is best compared to all other carpet cleaning methods due to its premium quality cleaning service.


Carpet Shampooing: Encapsulation technology has brought shampooed carpet cleaning since 1970. Since that, it has been in action. Although this is the best way to get rid of heavy dirt or the awful smell of your carpet, it is not advantageous due to the left particles of shampoo that take too much water to wash and time to dry. So, this method could be more effective.


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