Project Management Experience Sharing

At the beginning of a project, you need to consider whether different parties have a unified understanding of the successful standard of carrying out a project. In general, tracking the progress of a project is an obvious key factor. Other factors you need to take into account include increasing market share, acquiring certain amount of sales, making particular customers feel satisfied, and outdating a legacy system that needs high maintenance.

Every project needs to be balance including its functions, personnel, budgets, progress, and quality targets. We can integrate the above-mentioned aspects into one restriction condition. You must operate and adjust within the scope.

Avoid making a promise that you are not sure whether you can fulfill it. Be candid with clients and managementspersonnel to communicate the actual results. The former project management data will serve as the evidence you use to convince them. However, it does not work if you communicate with some one who is an unreasonable person.

The difficult part is not to write a plan but how to do the plan. You need to think, communicate, negotiate, raise questions and listen. That you spend time in analyzing problems will reduce the possibilities of accidents.

If your project group often bears special responsibilities or tasks, you need to develop a activity checking list or a plan schedule. The checking list should contain the major steps for finishing the project. The list and schedule will help group members to ascertain and assess the workload that he or she needs to finish.

Almost all quality control activities like test or technical review can have shortcomings or something to be improve. You should treat the quality control as an independent task so that you can go ahead of the plan.

If you do not identify or control risk, then they will control you. It is suggest to spend more time in discussing possible risks, evaluating potential harms and deciding how to mitigate or prevent them.

Many commercial tools can help you evaluate a whole project. According to the huge database based on the real project management experience, these tools can give you choices for arranging progress and personnel. They can get you off the area of “impossibility”. That is to say, they will exclude plans that cannot work.

If you try some new procedures, tools, techniques in a project for the first time, you will inevitably bear the cost of productivity decrease. Do not expect that great benefits can be gained through the use of new software engineering methods for the first time. It is necessary to consider learning curve in scheduling.

Things cannot follow your schedule exactly, so you need to consider such factors as budget and progress in the later part of the project. Some preparations for accidents are also include. Unfortunately, your managers or clients may take the accidents as your excuse. Therefore, it is better to tell them the former accidents you have encountered so that your foresight can be shown.

The advantage of dividing a big project into small steps is that you can exactly assess how much you have finished a project and use a clear criterion to know whether a step is truly done.

Create a good environment and make your project member feeling secure about reporting progress. Pay efforts to make project operate based on data instead of being optimistic and afraid of reporting bad news. Discover and correct mistakes in time and give timely compliments to group members.

You should also be doing research into your industry at this time and identifying your competition. Finding out who your competitors are is essential to see what’s working for others and what the next big trends in your industry might be. See what’s going on in major business publications, and read any reports that might be coming up at this time. And if your business has appeared in the news recently, see if you can gain any insights into how the public might see your business.

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