Indian curries

Some delectable Indian curries that you should try once in your life

There is no doubt that Indian foods are not only rich in tradition or culture but also full of extra taste and exceptional flavors. This is the reason that Indian fears are most popular all over the world. Most importantly, you will get it anywhere, whether in India, America, Australia, or Canada. This only becomes possible due to the establishment of Indian restaurants in foreign nations and the love of people towards Indian cuisines. It would help if you also were thankful to the Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne, which has served you the most delectable and toothsome cuisines for the past few decades.

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Top-rated Indian curries

The Indian sub-continent is a vast place, so it becomes to reason that their people feel not only satisfied with one type of cuisine but are also ready to try something new to add more energy and flavors to their life. One such example is Indian curries. Following are some top-notch Indian curries eaten by masses all over India at any Indian restaurant. These are:

Vindaloo: Vindaloo curries are, by most standards, the actual test of one’s constitution about spicy foods. Initially from Goa’s Portuguese colony, vindaloos use only a few spices in copious quantities to produce a boiling dish. Those with iron-clad stomachs and palates will find vindaloos to be a delicious meal every time.

Saag (green curry): Saag is the most eatable curry in North India. North Indians love to consume this curry in the winter season. It prepares with mustard greens. Spinach, methi, green chilies, etcetera. Most Indians cook it on the mud stove by firing with wood. It takes approximately three to four hours to turn into a thick, more appealing paste.

Dhansak: A dhansak curry belonging to the Parsi Zoroastrian community. Its preparation from mutton or goat meat, lentils, and different vegetables confers a sweet and sour taste with a decent amount of spices. After it turns into a creamy and brown texture, people love to enjoy this dish with pineapple rings.

Tikka Masala: Tikka Masala is from the north Indian cuisine category (butter chicken). You may not be wrong if you consider this dish universal because it eats all over the world in all Indian restaurants. Tikka represents the soft chicken pieces, and Masala describes the creamy sauces. Chicken pieces cook on the tandoor.

Korma: This curry comes from the spicy category of Indian foods. This dish prepares with a variety of slow-cooked vegetables and yogurt-marinated meat slices, along with the flavors of cardamom and cinnamon. After that, all cooked ingredients add into the liquid form of curry along with kitsch spices. It cooks until it turns into golden color or thick paste.

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