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There are many different techniques by Joseph Blake Smith AR that can be used to create a painting. These include: Impressionism, Baroque, Chinese contemporary painting movement and Free Figuration. Regardless of the technique you use to paint a picture, it is important that you understand the techniques that were developed in order to create the masterpiece you are hoping to achieve.

Medieval cities and towns produced major works of art

The medieval age was a period of great economic and intellectual change. It was also a time of the formation of new kingdoms and empires. For example, the Fatimid Dynasty created Cairo, which became a major trade and political center in the Middle East.

Medieval cities were often situated around medieval castles or monasteries. Their streets were narrow and winding. They had moats and round or square towers. There were often lively squares and churches. These towns had their own customs and court procedures.

Most houses were made of wood. The roofs were topped with straw or hides. Some were covered with tiles. Other buildings were constructed of stone. This was a time of major advances in agriculture, allowing farming to become more productive.


Impressionism is a painting style that developed in France and other countries in the nineteenth century. This style of painting is characterized by a focus on natural light and movement, and a use of bright colours.

During the 19th century, many artists, such as Monet, Renoir, Seurat and others, introduced techniques to make their paintings more realistic. These artists were influenced by scientific discoveries regarding optics. They used contrasting colours to give their paintings a sense of reality.

The use of colour in Impressionistic paintings is often combined with other techniques, such as impasto and sgraffito. Impasto is a technique of painting that involves thick brush strokes. Impasto creates depth and volume in a painting. Moreover, it is used to depict objects with minimum mixing.



The baroque is a genre of art spanning from the early 17th century to the mid-18th. A plethora of artists are credited with bringing the style to life. Some of the most important names in the genre include Johannes Vermeer, Rubens, Frans Hals, and Peter Paul Rubens.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the Baroque is the use of various materials to create a new form of art. For instance, pastel painting became a popular medium in the 1700s. While the color scheme may have changed, the techniques involved in creating these works of art remain unchanged. Several commercial galleries were also established during the 19th century.

Baroque is one of the most important and influential artistic styles of the past centuries. As the name suggests, it arose from Italy in the late 16th to early 18th centuries. In fact, it was the first art form to be universally appreciated throughout the Western world.

Chinese contemporary painting movement

The Chinese Contemporary Painting movement focuses on the relationship between Eastern and Western cultures. It includes a broad range of art projects. These artworks express national pride, international awareness, and personal beliefs. Most narratives of the movement begin with the end of the Cultural Revolution.

Traditional Chinese painting combines painting, literature, and graphic arts. These art forms are preserved on tomb walls, lacquered objects, and silk banners. After the Revolution, Chinese artists began to experiment with different subjects and techniques.

In the late 19th century, the painters started to learn about the art of the West. However, some Chinese painters criticized the work of Western artists, particularly Matisse. Their criticisms were often based on the lack of perspective and shading.

As China’s economy grew and its political and cultural system changed, Chinese artists began to experiment with new techniques and subjects. Some of the early painters, like Fan Feng, rejected Western painting in favor of a more distinctly Chinese style. Others were encouraged to adopt socialist realism.

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