The Art of Finding the Right Snowsuit for Your Child

The Art of Finding the Right Snowsuit for Your Child

The size of a snowsuit is completely different from that of conventional clothing, the size of which corresponds to age. Depending on the brand, summer dress for girls can be made loose or snug. Everything will depend on the morphology of your child. That’s why it’s important to choose the right size so that the snowsuit lasts as long as possible with your child.


Here are 8 important points to consider:

A snowsuit should allow your child to move freely. It should not appear too baggy at the risk of tripping your child and letting the cold pass inside.

In Quebec, we have temperatures in winter that range from – 10 degrees to – 25 degrees, which makes – 35 degrees with the wind factor. In extreme cold, adding an extra layer under the jacket is always better. So, the jacket must be large enough if you want your child to be comfortable. Even though the jacket is slightly loose, your child will be able to move and use their hands without stepping on their pants.

Another very important point to consider: Always have your child try on a snowsuit before buying it. In addition to knowing that if your child is comfortable in his snowsuit, you will also be sure whether or not you made the right choice.

A very important thing to remember when buying a snowsuit: the child never wears his age. It is advisable to always take a half size or a size above. If your child was born premature, the child usually wears his size or goes down a size.

Here is a small test to know if a snowsuit will last more than one winter:

  • Turn the bottom of the snow pants 4 inches. It should come to the bottom of your child’s ankle. If the bottom of the pants is turned to the maximum, your child can wear them for 2 seasons.
  • Also adjust the straps to the correct height, ideally with boots.
  • Have the child wear the coat and tie the zipper. The arms must remain straight on each side of the body; the sleeve should be long enough to see only the fingertips sticking out. If so, the snowsuit will do for two winters. This test only applies to baby girl dresses with elastic cuffs that adjust with Velcro.
  • The coat should reach the bottom of the buttocks. Tighten the bottom of the coat with the elastic so that it is shorter.

And that’s it for ways to choose the right size smocked dress baby for your child. I hope you liked this article and that it was useful to you.

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