The Main Components of Electric Vehicles

The Main Components of Electric Vehicles – Electric vehicles consists of an electric motor that is powered by a battery pack. The main advantage of electric vehicles is that they emit zero emissions and are eco-friendly. They also do not consume any fossil fuels, hence use a sustainable form of energy for powering the car. The main components of electric vehicles are

The Main Components of Electric Vehicles

Traction battery pack

Traction battery pack daihatsujakbar is also known as Electric vehicle battery (EVB) . It powers the electric motors of an electric vehicle. The battery acts as an electrical storage system. It stores energy in the form DC current. The range will be higher with increasing kW of the battery. The life and operation of the battery depends on its design. The lifetime of a traction battery pack is estimated to be 200,000 miles.

DC-DC Converter

The traction battery pack delivers a constant voltage. But different components of the vehicle has different requirements. The DC-DC convertor distributes the output power that is coming from the battery to a required level. It also provides the voltage required to charge the auxiliary battery.

Electric motor

Electric traction motor is the main components of electric vehicle. The motor converts the electrical energy into kinetic energy. This energy rotates the wheels. Electric motor is the main component that differentiates an electric car from conventional cars. An important feature of an electric motor is the regenerative braking mechanism. This mechanism slows down the vehicle by converting its kinetic energy into another form, and storing it for future use. There are basically two types of motors DC and AC motors.

Power Inverter

It coverts DC power from the batteries to AC power. It also converts the AC current generated during regenerative braking into DC current. This is further used to recharge the batteries. The inverter can change the speed of the

Charge Port

The charge port connects the electric vehicle to an external supply. It charges the battery pack. The charge port is sometimes located in the front or rear part of the vehicle

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