The Very Peri, Pantone color 2022: here's how to integrate it into your wedding

The Very Peri, Pantone color 2022: here’s how to integrate it into your wedding


Each year, Pantone unveils a color that it chooses as representative of the coming year. In 2022, it will be Very Peri, a blue tinged with red-violet that we suggest you adopt for your wedding celebration.

The Pantone Institute probes the spirit of the times to propose its color of the year, a tone that is intended to reflect the atmosphere and the challenges of the time. After the Pantone color duo of 2021, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, in 2022, brand strategist wanted a bold color that stimulates creativity, a tonality that invites you to rewrite your life and see the future differently: the Very Peri! It is a new vision of blue that Pantone invites us to discover, the qualities of this adored color being associated with a touch of red violet which gives it liveliness and dynamism. The result: a 2022 color which could be described as dark lavender, and of which we give you plenty of examples to integrate it into your wedding decoration.


A Very Peri detail for your wedding outfit

The Very Peri color is both vibrant and understated enough to easily pair with your wedding attire. With a wedding dress, we can consider blue-violet shoes, a headband or other hair jewelry in the colors of the Pantone 2022 selection, or even a belt. We can also use the bouquet as a support for the Pantone 2022 color, detail of the flowers to be used in the next paragraph.

With a wedding suit, the Very Peri shade will look great as a tie or bow tie, pocket square or even socks. The options are not lacking, as is the idea of ​​making a flowery brooch in these tones. For those who would like to dare an offbeat look, you can also turn to a wedding suit whose jacket and pants will be blue violet with the help of wedding planners near me.


Bloom your reception with the color of the year

Pantone color 2022 is particularly interesting for your wedding floral arrangements because it is indeed found naturally in nature in the form of various species of flowers.

Lavender is probably the one that comes first when thinking about the Very Peri color. It is a variety much appreciated by future bride and groom, whether as a bridal bouquet, as branches to place on the buffet tables, as small seeds to throw at the exit of the ceremony, the uses are numerous.

Periwinkle is another plant that we advise you to take an interest in if you want to invite the Pantone 2022 color to your wedding. We imagine, for example, very well small bouquets of periwinkles placed like a table runner on the dinner tables.

Certain varieties of clematis, agapanthus, but also spiked speedwells, are other flowers to consider for a wedding placed under the sign of the Very Peri color. On the other hand, why not install here and there a few pots of caryopteris and exotic sage, two other varieties that can celebrate the color of the year.


Very Peri and…: the right color combinations for decoration

If you are wondering how to incorporate the Pantone 2022 color into your wedding decoration, here are several suggestions of tones with which it can be associated. Or you can get in touch with any wedding or event planners near me in Baltimore, MD.

First of all, it should be said that Very Peri has a personality strong enough to be used in single color, a table runner in blue-violet fabric on reception tables for example.

You can also have fun using the whole chromatic palette of blues and purples, by combining Very Peri with lavender, pitch blue, wisteria, bright purple, and lupine tones, for example.

Pale pink or powder pink is another color to associate with the famous Very Peri, if you are looking for a soft and romantic wedding atmosphere. In a punchier style, we add sunny yellow elements to its wedding decoration, in addition to the Pantone 2022 color.

Finally, a subtle combination consists of placing the Very Peri and verdigris colors close to each other, a fashionable association that will perfectly suit couples looking for a unique aesthetic and contemporary.

What do you think of Very Peri, Pantone color 17-3938 elected for the year 2022? Will it be part of the short list of competing colors for your wedding celebration?

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