Top eCommerce Web Design and UI Trends for 2022

Top eCommerce Web Design and UI Trends for 2022

The focus on Ecommerce online business has been at a peak for the last few years and everyone is busy doing some kind of investment in the online business market. The business of online stores has been elevated because everyone is preferring online shopping as compared to the offline traditional way of shopping. 

However, all these consumers do not trust these online stores easily, there are a lot of things that impact their decision of buying a product from your website. One of the most common things that may entice them to buy things from you is how you present your product online, that is the design of your website. Thus, an easily accessible, interactive, and responsive website with good designs can increase the staying time of consumers on your page. Eventually, customers while staying on your page will explore your products and it will increase the chances of your sale. Therefore, make sure to have updated web designs according to the new trends to be competitive enough in the market.

 However, if you can not design your website you can hire different organizations of eCommerce web design Sharjah on your behalf to do this work and increase your sales rate. Although, if you want to design by yourself or hire organizations of eCommerce web design Sharjah, you still need to know the new trends to design it accordingly. Therefore, we are presenting you with the top eCommerce web designs and UI trends for 2022.

  • Intercommunication
  • Virtual reality
  • Memphis design
  • Typography
  • 3D trends
  • Scrolling animations
  • Chatbots
  • Layout and borders
  • Bring the retro back
  • Micro animation
  • Thumb affable designs
  • Dark mode


One of the best ways to entice users is to allow interaction between them and your website. Therefore, it is very important to create a design where this interaction could do. The interactivity could be done in the form of surveys, quizzes, polls, contests,s or comments. This will keep the interest of your consumers on your website.

Virtual Reality 

Another most amazing feature that has been trending all over the internet is virtual reality (VR). People have started using it for their eCommerce websites. For example, imagine a hotel booking website gives you a virtual reality tour of a room before you book it. We will see a rise in virtual reality features on many websites in 2022.

Memphis Design

A Memphis design is constructed with lines and shapes of bright colors that are scattered or mixed. Different colors, lines, and shapes make the design more attractive and give it a funky look. Moreover, with respect to color psychology, it will play a role in enticing the audience to your products because color evokes different emotions in humans.


Playing with words is going to be the new trend in 2022. Web designers are focusing on moving words and their designs to showcase the information on a website.

3D Trends

The trends of 3D can be seen everywhere from songs to games to movies. People want virtual life to be as real as possible. Therefore, the eCommerce website will be seen to adopt this trend, and use it on their website to grab the attention and make it user friendly for the customers.

Scrolling Animation

Another interesting thing that will be trendy in 2022 is animations while scrolling. Although scrolling animation is an old thing, the newness can be seen in the way designers are being creative with it. You can see the parallax effect, breakthrough into the third dimension, and psychedelic imagery. The designers are getting in more detail with these features and some are even adding clear foreground images to grab the audience’s attention.


Customers are visiting these online stores 24/7. In such cases, due to time or location differences, it is no less than a headache to answer their queries on time. Therefore, chatbots are programmed to guide the users during their visits to the online store. Also, these chatbots can answer some of their common queries on time. This feature could be seen trending on most of the websites in 2022.

Layouts and Borders

You are going to see a great increase in layout and border trends in 2022. These borders reveal their foundation and make your website more eye-catching. Therefore, these designers are focusing more on these formats to give the website a sleek design. These borders give visible differentiation between the two contents. Moreover, it makes the page less crowded with all the contents.

Bring The Retro Back

Retro is the new fashion and people are tugging towards it. Retro dressing, retro wall paints, retro prints are all in trend. Therefore, the designers are bringing retro in website designs too. Since these designs are the first thing that will decide the staying time of users on your website. Therefore, 2022 is going to be a retro year for all of us.

Micro Animation

A great way to lead the users and customers while making it interesting for them. Through micro animation, you can make your website playful. However, it can also be used to guide them to the important information, tabs, or products. The designers will make it more creative by using it on a curve instead of a flat plane surface. The Yoga Clothing Store is using this feature to show consumers how their product will look on real people. In 2022, you will see this feature on a lot of websites. 

Thumb Affable Designs

Consumers usually navigate to different websites through their thumbs. Therefore, making the websites thumb-friendly will be another focus of designers in 2022. All the tabs or options should be easily accessible by the thumb without moving their full hands on the screen. This will provide easy access to the customers. Moreover, it will motivate them to navigate through your website even more.

Dark Mode

Another thing that has been trending on the different apps is the dark mode option. Even the mobile phone has a dark mode. Websites in 2022 are developed by considering this feature. Since dark mode can reduce eye strain and make your website more aesthetic and likable among the customers. However, with dark mode, you can easily highlight the important features that you want your customers to see.

Let’s Follow The Trend

Let’s follow the trend and make your website one of the most amazing and attention-grabbing sites among the competitors. Use the upcoming trends and be ahead of time. However, if you are still worried about designing the web, get up and find a good organization of eCommerce web design in Sharjah. Make your dream of having an amazing site come true.

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