steel quality at a construction

What are the best ways to check the steel quality at a construction site

Steel plays a crucial role during the construction of any building, bridge, or home, and checking the quality of steel is also very important. If good, quality of steel bars is use during construction, then the chances of damage or crack are significantly less. However, the quality of steel bars is tested through different tests and techniques by a qualified Civil Engineer. If you are also looking for Good Quality steel, in that case, you should contact the Best Steel distributor Company in Ludhiana.

Different Tests to check the Steel Quality

  • BENDING TEST- It is one of the most common tests for checking steel bars’ bending and fracture strength. In this test, pressure is apply to the bar until it gets bent properly. And the amount of pressure is note down. If the bars are bend under pressure, they are not applicable for construction. Thus if you require premium quality steel and High Speed Steel Punjab, you should contact a renowned steel Distributor. 
  • TENSILE TESTING- Tensile testing is the scientific testing of steel bars in which you measure the stretching capacity of bars. It is use to check the elasticity response of material when heavy force is apply to it. However, If the bars fail to clear the Tension, in that case, they are not recommend for construction. 
  • IMPACT TEST- It is one of the necessary tests to check the quality of steel. This test measures a particular amount of energy consumed by a material during any damage or crack. This test plays a significant role in determining the Durability of steel and also helps to know if a particular steel is suitable for construction or not.
  • COMPRESSION TEST- To check the bar’s strength; the compression test plays a very crucial role; it helps to check the compressive strength value and bending value when pressure is applying to the bar. If the bar tolerates applied compressive stress without breaking or bending, then you can use it for construction purposes.
  • TORSION TESTING- In this testing, the bars are twist along an axis which provides information like maximum torque, torsional shear stress, shear modulus, and breaking angle of a steel bar; these values are primarily similar to the values of Tensile Testing but not exactly same. Thus torsion testing helps a lot to find out the quality of steel and also gives the idea to engineers that the particular steel is suitable for construction or not.

Therefore, if you are also planning to buy premium quality steel for construction purposes, Then the tests mention above should be take to check steel’s strength, elasticity, and pressure capacity. You can buy different varieties of high-quality steel, such as High-speed steel, Plastic moulding steel, Hot Work tool steel, Cold work tool steel, and other alloy steel, only at BK Steel Company. Contact us for more details.

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