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What Are The Causes Of Male And Female Infertility Issues?

Every couple wants to have a child. Because they plan to do a lot of fun activities with their baby, like playing with them, educating them, and going on a trip with them, it’s just every couple’s dream. Playing with a baby also freshens up a couple’s mood and makes their bond even stronger. But unfortunately, not all couples receive blessings from God to conceive a baby naturally. It is probably the saddest news for a couple. Some even suffer trauma or depression after knowing they cannot conceive a baby. But being upset will not solve their problem. They should visit a well-known IVF Centre in Punjab.

Test tube baby is a procedure for treating infertility issues in women. Before seeking help at any test tube baby centre or infertility hospital, you might want to inquire about the Test Tube Baby cost In Punjab. Usually, the cost of the treatment usually ranges between ₹1,10,000 to ₹4,00,000 per cycle. It is just a rough estimation. However, you have to contact or visit the clinic to know the exact amount.

Possible Causes Of Female Infertility 

  • Usually, the infertility level in women starts to decline with age. That is why usually women aged more than 30-35 start to lose the ability to get pregnant.
  • Smoking is also a possible cause of infertility in women. Smoking too much can decrease your fertility level.
  • If the woman has had physical relationships with more than one partner, then it is also a possible cause of infertility.
  • Women who drink too much suffer from many health issues and also from infertility issues in some cases.
  • Being overweight may also affect women’s infertility level.

Possible Causes of Male Infertility

  • Not producing healthy sperm is usually the most common cause of infertility. It starts with the formation and growth of the male’s reproductive organs during puberty.
  • If both of your testicles are not functioning correctly, then you may be able to produce adequate sperm during ejaculation.
  • The sperm has to penetrate or reach the partner’s egg. If your sperm is not able to move correctly or shows abnormalities in function, then it may not be able to reach the egg and thus cannot penetrate it.
  • Like women, the fertility level in males declines with age. And alcohol, smoking, etc., are possible causes of men’s infertility too. 

Visit the top-rated fertility clinic

If you are still struggling find the cause of your infertility issue. Then it is best to visit any clinic for a test. The test will clear your doubts. And once you know the cause of infertility, it becomes easy to know where to seek help. In any case, you should keep the hope of having a baby because medical science is becoming so advanced day by day that it will most probably treat your infertility issue. In case you do not know which clinic is best to visit, then contact Gem Hospital & IVF Centre. They have helped many childless couples achieve parenthood.

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