crown hair transplant

What do you want to explore about the crown hair transplant?

Balding at the ‘hair crown’ or top of your head is common among numerous masses at some point in their lives, especially those with a family history of hair loss. Hair transplant surgery comes into action to restore hair in the crown area by taking donor hair from the back side of the head. Although several types of nonsurgical hair loss treatments can preserve hair crowns to avoid their loss, they only work until you continue to have them. When you stop it, your hair may start losing again. In this case, you must opt for the Hair Transplant in Vizag under the administration of well-experienced and qualified experts.

Define hair crown

The vertex or crown of the hair locates on the highest point on the upper side of your head. Strands that develop in this area are assembled adjacent to your scalp in a round pattern or formation and are pronounced as hair whorl. There are two hair whorls in the crown, and they are famous for their double height.

Define crown hair transplant

A crown hair transplant refers to the FUE hair transplant technique under which a doctor eradicates individual hair follicles from the backhead (donor area) and re-implantation these grafts (follicles) to the affected crown area (bald area of the scalp). Within twelve to eighteen months of crown hair transplant, these hair follicles turn into thick, natural, and healthy hair that thoroughly covers the crown areas.

How to identify hair thinning at the crown?

As part of the male pattern baldness process, you may see that your hair begins to thin from the crown on your scalp. This is because dihydrotestosterone (DHT) targets the follicles on the forehead side and upperside of your head and crown. Crown is adversely affected by male pattern baldness. In many males, the crown commences bald quicker and thinly compared to the forehead. However, in others, it may become bald and thin over time and under the natural progression of male pattern baldness.

How to prevent or treat crown hair loss?

There is no immediate need to opt for the crown hair transplant as it is costly. So, it would help if you first went for the nonsurgical treatment options such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. These are useful against hair loss if you eat a healthy diet and follow a good routine. On the contrary, if you do not find any positive outcomes after these nonsurgical hair treatments, you must try crown hair transplant surgery. During the operation, a hair surgeon implant extracted hair follicles on the bald scalp to cover it with thick and healthy hair.

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