Hair Transplant

What should you not do after obtaining the hair transplant surgery?

Constantly falling hair often becomes a reason for concern. Thus, the hair transplant procedure comes front to get rid of persistently breaking hair strands. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure to implant donor hair on your bald scalp and attains natural-looking and healthy hair after a few months. The Hair Transplant in Ludhiana at the top-notch clinic will serve you with the best treatment options, such as FUT, FUE, etcetera.

Additionally, many individuals do not opt for a hair transplant because they may need clarification on rumors about Hair Transplant Costs in Punjab. Well, the hair transplant cost is less than that you will now spend on cosmetic products such as shampoos, oils, hair sprays, serums, gel, and so on. However, approximate hair transplant expense lies between fifty thousand to one lakh or more. Hair transplant surgeons charge as per grafts that your scalp requires.

What should you avoid after having hair transplant surgery?

Let’s quickly look at the following things you must stop after getting hair transplant surgery. These are:

Scrubbing your hair or shower: your doctor may suggest that you wait to wash the hair for at least two days (48 hours) after attaining the hair transplant procedure. After two days, you meet the doctor, or they perform the necessary process; then, you can wash your hair gently with soft water without using soap or shampoo. However, use any liquid medication that your hair expert may confer you. While washing, only rinses the hair with full force. Wash it gently so that all stored blood clots will eliminate. It will get relieve itching and discomfort.

Driving: After having a hair restoration surgery, although you can return home on the same day, it doesn’t mean that you are fit and drive a car by yourself and reach home. You may feel uncomfortable for some time or experience dizziness and nausea due to stitches in the scalp. Therefore, bring someone who can take you home by driving a car to avoid unwanted accidents.

Sleeping flat: To prevent swelling at the scalp, you must sleep in a straight posture for at least a week after the procedure. Additionally, not every patient gets swelling, but you should avoid the risk of moving your head in different directions while sleeping. Try to keep your head on 45 degrees, angel, while laying down on the bed. It will protect your head from injuries and excessive pain in the stitched areas.

Dyeing your hair: Many people ask this question very often. Well, you ought to avoid hair dye for at least a month after having the hair transplant surgery. However, there is no problem if you dye your hair a week before transplantation. This avoids after the surgery because hair dye color may exist with several types of chemicals. Thus, these chemicals can affect your stitches or enter the hair follicles, resulting in severe itching, hair breaking, etcetera.

The Profile Hair Transplant Centre is an ideal place to visit if you are fed up with trying all cosmetic products to promote your hair growth but do not get any positive outcomes. We are always ready to resolve all your hair-related problems and modern treatment options.

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