Why Proposal is Important in Academic Dissertations?

Students are asked to write a dissertation proposal in the last year of their higher education proper to the final dissertation. It may not be as long as a dissertation is but if you mess it up, you will never get the chance your dissertation on the same topic.

To find out more about the importance of a proposal in an Academic dissertation keep on reading!

Importance of Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal is a well-organized, formal document that students have to draft for explaining what are they are planning to research on – the research topic, why it is worthy of being researched about – their justification for it, and how they plan to conduct the research on it – their realistic approach.

The key reason for drafting a dissertation proposal is to convince the university board, research supervisor from your university that your research is suitable when it comes to the needs of your degree program. It also convinces them that your research is manageable when bearing in mind the time limit and resources constraints that you will have to encounter along the way.

What you always need to keep in mind is that you are about to convince your superiors with the proposal to showcase that your dissertation is worthy which basically means that you have to sell your research idea. If you fail to convince them then you will need to take help from services like PhD Dissertation Proposal Writing Service or take an online course regarding how to write a good dissertation proposal. Taking these measures will save you from the threat of failing another time.

How to Write a Good Dissertation Proposal?

Now that you know how important a proposal is for an anemic dissertation, surely you want to know how to write a good one as well. Follow the guidelines below regarding how to write a good dissertation proposal.

Choose The Right Topic:

According to Research Proposal Help UK students should not choose too narrow or too broad topics. If the topic is too narrow it will be challenging for you to find information regarding it and selecting a broad topic means your dissertation proposal will lose its uniqueness. 

Moreover, you should choose a topic that is interesting for you but also can be accepted by the university board. This will keep you motivated through the research and writing process.


When writing a dissertation proposal you should remember that your introduction is the first thing the reader will look at. You should make it as interactive as possible and mention clearly what you want to do in your research as well as why do you want to conduct this research for your dissertation proposal. 

The introduction has to be detailed and should comprise multiple paragraphs but make sure that the content is comprehensible and up to the point. You should also give a short review of the issues that they will discuss in the proposal ahead. 

To put it simply, it should give the initial overview of your work (Thedissertationhelp, 2021). Your introduction can be divided into two sections – abstract and thesis statement.


In this section of your dissertation proposal, all the vital details and the background factors regarding the topic should be stated. The background of any proposal assists in citing the relevant literature and gives necessary statistics to show why you need to conduct a study on a particular subject.

Literature Review:

A good literature review is defined by the fact that when the reader reads your literature review he/she can comprehend that you are aware of the key researches regarding your topic. Your project must have a strong foundation in the current theory so that you can clearly identify the research gap. This is a must and it is also the factor that makes your proposal unique.

For Example:

“Patriarchy and discrimination: towards fundamental feminism“

For you to write a proposal on such a topic you have to find out the best researchers and authors who share the same opinion. Then you have to organize the information according to your aim and improve the understanding of your research by reading through articles, research papers, books, and by feminists or any female rights advocates.


In this section, you have to talk about the research methods which are going to be used in the dissertation.

Questions That Your Content Should Answer:

  • Which research methodology will be used? Qualitative or Quantitative?
  • How will you plan to gather the data?
  • What will be your strategy for analyzing data and much more

For Example:

Topic: “Effects of social media on teenagers”

“I will conduct research using an Experimental Research design, gathering both qualitative and quantitative data. I will incorporate questionnaires with both close-ended and open-ended questions. The participants of this experiment will be teenagers.

I will be not be taking in-person interviews because it will cause researcher bias, opting for an online questionnaire will reduce this bias. In the end, I will add the scores for the close-ended questions and do content analysis for open-ended questions for finding the effects of social media on teenagers.”


Hypothesis turns the problem statement into an exact, explicit prediction of expected outcomes. You have to make at least three hypotheses for your dissertation proposal.


Referencing is an important skill that you will need to get a hold on earlier (Biggam and J., 2018). In this section, you have to give credits to all the authors whose words or work you have utilized in your dissertation proposal. This makes sure that you contribute to various researchers’ research in your document.

Difference between Bibliography and Reference

A Bibliography is a list of references that are cited in your proposal, additionally, the background readings or other readings that are not cited are included in the list. References include the sources that are directly cited in your document.


Now that you know the importance of a proposal in academic dissertations, you are ready to write it!

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