Why Should You Watch The Anime Show, Haikyuu

Have you heard the word anime? We would be surprised if you hadn’t. Anime has become so popular in recent times, with almost everyone switching to it or watching it with great interest. But, what is anime?

What Is Anime?

Anime is a particular kind of cartoon that originated in Japan. It consists of fascinating graphics and colors, with a vast array of characters in a variety of different settings such as fantasy, sports, or romance.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the anime show Haikyuu. If you like anime and are here on this website, you probably know Haikyuu. But if for some reason you do not, Haikyuu is one of the most popular sports anime out there. It focuses on volleyball. You ask, why do I watch a show based on volleyball? What’s so interesting? Well, here are a few reasons why you should give it a shot!

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3 Reasons To Watch Haikyuu

1.   A Remarkable Plot

The story of this anime is based on the character, Shoyo Hinata, who falls in love with volleyball after watching a championship on TV. He becomes influenced by the star player of that team and then creates one of his own at school with a few friends.

What makes the overall plot so interesting is the fact that the protagonist is shown to be the underdog. He’s short in height, which isn’t considered great for sports, especially when it’s something like volleyball. His team also faces defeat at the start. And that is what a lot of us can relate to, right? Facing trouble in our achieving our dreams and goals at the start, but working hard to reach success. The plot is just amazing and we just love this concept!

2.   A Passion For Sport

When we were told Haikyuu was a show about volleyball, it did not really capture our interest. However, when we started watching it, we understood the reason for its increasing popularity. The passion that was seen in that show for the particular sport and the amount of hard work the protagonist and his friends did for it kept us completely hooked on the show. We couldn’t stop watching the show and were kept glued to all the volleyball matches. The matches were extremely intense and all the time we kept rooting for our favorite team to win.

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3.   Amazing Character Development

Most anime shows focus greatly on character development, and this show is no different. We see immense growth in all the characters as the seasons progress. The characters might not always be on the same page about everything and may bicker and argue on and off. However, they know they need to be each other’s shields on the field and are constantly trying to make each other better at their game.

We all need friends who support us. And this show sets an example with team players who support each other on and off the field. And that is so wholesome.


If you already watch Haikyuu, well we can all have a fangirl moment together. If you do not, you definitely need to. The show is extremely interesting and relatable and will not disappoint!

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